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Some new toys to play with!

We just received some new products to make our operations better!

First, we received some rope and a Petzl Grigri for belay operations. This will allow us to belay for ladder bailouts and other higher speed descents. 

Second, we got a railroad spike and some aluminum wedges of different sizes. We will be using the wedges for forcible entry techniques, and the railroad spikes will get beveled for one man forcible entry operations. Look for some pictures and videos in the coming weeks and months!

Flash fire can deliver aluminum wedges to your doorstep through our partners, as well as products from all of these brands: Petzl, Blue Watter, Rock Exotica, Gemtor, Fire Hooks Unlimited, Yates, Kong, Skedco, Rock-n-Rescue, and RIT!! Contact us today!

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Saturday, 15 June 2024