Forcible Entry! Where it all began! 

Flash Fire Industries understands firefighters need to get past security measures during fires, rescues and many other emergency situations. Our Mobile Utility Trailer is capable of delivering quality saw operation props and encourage proper use, care and maintenance of saws to ensure firefighter safety. These are available with, or separately from the trailer. All props focus on the use of power saws, your “go to tool”, to cut various metal.

We provide diamond blades made by Desert Diamond Industries... Some of the best in the business!

-Our first two props are a pair of lock trees. Each lock tree has four sides, and the lock trees can be connected with a piece of roll down gate or corrugated metal to practice cutting commercial storefront gates. The second side of both lock trees have four padlock hasps at different heights where you can hang real padlocks, or simulated padlocks.
On one of the lock trees, the third side is a rebar cut station, where students can practice cutting rebar from different heights and angles. The fourth side is a mount for our through the lock prop.
On the other lock tree, the third side is a mount for cutting metal flat stock at different heights. On the fourth side, there are going to be two hockey puck lock cutting props. Lock trees are available as a rental or for sale.

-Our second metal cutting prop simulates what you would expect when cutting a HUD or carriage bolts that hold in a drop bar or other supplemental locking device. This gets attached to the backside of the lock trees and becomes a carriage bolt cutting station. Firefighters can also see the advantages of running a power saw with the blade outboard, rather than inboard. We also can drop a piece of rebar down and simulate a multi-lock - another excellent example of why running a power saw blade outboard can be an advantage.

-The third metal cutting prop is a bilco door. This is a real bilco door that has a removable steel plate and piece of rebar so students can make plunge cuts where the locking mechanism on a bilco door would be.