What services do you offer?

Flash Fire Industries offers the trailer as a rental (use your own instructors) or with a class. We offer a “turn key” service, where you simply give us the details, and we show up with everything, including props, consumables, and instructors.


Can I use my own instructors?

Absolutely. We can also do a “hybrid” version. We can provide instructors for one or two stations, and you provide instructors for the others. All instructors must be insured through your department or, if outside instructors, must contain liability insurance for them and their company.


Who do you use for instructors?

We have used CT Custom Fire Training for the majority of our classes. The feedback has been nothing short of tremendous from the classes we have fun. They employ seasoned instructors from departments such as FDNY, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Manchester, Guilford, and many others. Almost all of them have BOTH career and volunteer experience.


How much does it cost?

Because we build all of our classes to meet your department’s specific requirements, it is hard to give a base cost. However, all of our classes have averaged between $95-$150/student with everything included. Please look at our price list for base rental prices.


What determines the cost?

The main factors are: travel distance, number of students, and consumables.


How do consumables work?

The only consumables used on the trailer are the doors (remember, we use REAL doors!) and the plywood for roof operations. These consumables can be provided by Flash Fire, or by the department themselves. Regardless of who provides the consumables, we include all the resistance needed for the doors, and the joists needed for the roof are included in our rental rates.


Do you set up the trailer?

Absolutely. When the trailer is delivered, it will also be set up for the evolutions that will be used for the rental/class.


We paid for Sunday, but the trailer is still here Monday. Can we use it?

Yes. Sometimes, I am working and cannot pick up the trailer as soon as the class is done. If the trailer is on site and still setup, it can be used. Just keep in mind, if additional consumables are used, you are responsible for the cost!


How far in advance should we book?

As far in advance as you can! We routinely book six months ahead for our “busy seasons” which are weekends in the spring and fall.


Do you sell these?

Flash Fire Industries is now fully marketing trailers for sale! Based on our template, we will build the perfect trailer for your department, training school, or company!


What is the best way to contact you?

The “big 3”. Phone: 203-258-8984. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Text: 203-258-8984.


We look forward to hearing from you, and helping us “Make Training Great Again”