window 3

Window Training

Three windows 6’ off the ground, various sizes, Upper window 14’ off the ground.

fe 1

Forcible Entry

Inward/Outward - Left hand/Right Hand Opening. Conventional and Hydraulic Techniques.

confined 4

Confined Space

Upper manhole (36”), Lower manhole (26”), Square 4’x4’ hole. Rope and mechanical advantage techniques.

roof 5

Roof Ventilation

Adjustable from Flat to 45 degree pitch, Integrated ceiling push down. Cutting and safety tips and tricks.

bailout 2

Bailout Training

Safe and proper bailout training. Re-Certify your members with our mobile training unit. We come to you.

other 4

Metal Saw Operations

Flash Fire has a utility trailer capable of delivering a handful of quality saw operation props. These are available with, or separate from the trailer.

"The Trailer" is a 20' deckover trailer that is capable of forcible entry, roof ventilation, window evolutions, and confined space. Skills can be performed at the same time in a realistic and controlled environment. The trailer travels at 12'6" and the window sets up at 18'8". For additional information about each component of the trailer click below.

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