Forcible Entry! Where it all began! 

We originally thought of just buying a door and putting it on a mini-utility trailer. Well, as you see, we did a little better than that!
The trailer has a left opening and right opening door. And we use REAL doors. When you are forcing the doors, you are not just forcing resistance, but you are crushing the doors as well. This leads to making sure you have the right technique, the correct tools, and don't develop bad habits. 
REAL Doors = REAL Challenges
Forcible Entry on the Trailer is generally used for INWARD opening doors only. It is designed into two categories, Basic, and Advanced.
Basic Includes:
- Real Doors
- Multiple locks in multiple locations
Advanced Includes:
- Angle Iron
- Stairs
- Walls for restricted access
- Basement F.E. Scenario
(Which skills we cover will be discussed with the customer ahead of time)