We specialize in all types of bailout training, familiarity and sales!! 

Flash Fire strives to be the premier bailout instruction company in the area! We are the ONLY CT certified company to teach with Sterling Bailout equipment. We also have experience with RPI, Petzl, and CMC.

+ Demos and introduction to bailout kits and systems
+ Consultation on purchasing to make sure the gear, harness, and systems all match up
+ Initial training for bailout system and harness purchases
+ Refresher training

What makes our bailout class different?
- Tailored to your system
- Tailored to your harness
- Experienced Instructors
- Short lecture on bailout history, case studies etc
- Your components will be covered and short videos demonstrating bailouts
- Transition to hands on familiarization
- Safety check to make sure everyone's harness is properly installed and bailout systems are installed correctly
- Horizontal movements
- Re-packing
- Hasty harnesses
- Lower level roll outs, remote anchoring and tie-offs
- Upper level slides including window anchors and remote tie-offs


Some of the departments we have worked with on various bailout system purchases and training: 

Naugatuck Fire Department
Stratford Fire Department
Yantic Fire Department
Nichols Fire Department
Lynnfield Fire Department, MA
Medford Fire Department, MA