Flash Fire goes Live  Fire! 

That’s right, we’ve done it. After years of being asked “when is the next trailer coming” it’s here. We are going to bring 40’ of VES, TIC, Fire Behavior, and so much more to the doorsteps of your firehouse.

So, let’s break it down:

A mobile live fire platform designed around three main classes (for now). Fire and ventilation behavior, thermal imaging camera training, and VES / Can confidence. It is not designed as a scenario based burn building.

Wherever you want it! We can bring it anywhere to bring quality live fire training directly to you.

Projected availability is November 1st. We will be accepting bookings immediately. ALL bookings made BEFORE November 1st will receive a discounted rate. (Class can be booked for anytime in the future)

Can I rent it?
Not at this time. We will most likely offer a rental if you want to train in search / VES / RIT under NON live fire conditions (theatrical smoke). Right now, all use will be in conjunction with one of our three classes.

Live fire bailout and RIT. Non live fire Safety and Survival, Advanced RIT, Collapse, - the sky is the limit!

Call, text, email, carrier pigeon, facebook message. Just don’t Tik Tok me.

How much?
Contact us for an exact quote as we have multiple options for delivering our classes, and location plays a part as well. We can, however, say that it will fall in line with the per person cost of our current classes. We can also offer the classes in either single day format or multiple evenings. Whichever works best for you!

Yes, really. We’re doing it. We know that this is a huge undertaking and the liability of running live fire training is much greater than that of a forcible entry class. We are ready. We will coordinate each class to fall within the proper safety parameters. We have temperature monitoring installed, as well as extremely quick ways to extinguish and remove the fire and clear out the container.

We look forward to serving you in this endeavor soon! Contact us to learn more!

Live Fire Training