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Flash Fire goes Live Fire! 

After years of being asked “when is the next trailer coming?’ In 2020 we made it happen. The Flash Fire Industries Mobile Burn 40’ Trailer brings live fire training drills directly to your department. Live Fire Training if split into classroom and hands on training to ensure students can learn safely. Live Fire Training is an invaluable experience in educating firefighters to think clearly, react calmly and efficiently in stressful emergency situations.

These trainings are offered in two evening classes or one full single day class for 24 students. Contact us for an exact quote as we have multiple options for delivering our classes.

The Mobile Burn Trailer is designed around three main classes:
• Fire & Ventilation Behavior
• Thermal Imaging Camera Training
• VES / Can confidence.

Fire & Ventilation Behavior
During the classroom portion, students learn the “6 myths of the modern fire service” and view many demonstrations such as “you can’t push fire” and more. This is followed by students rotated through live burns that demonstrate each and every aspect of the classroom under real conditions. Students on the exterior observe changes in temperatures as various ventilation tactics are taken. 

Points of interest in live burn:
• Fire Growth
• Flashover
• Can Confidence
• Roll Over
• Thermal Imaging Cameras
• Door Control
• Horizontal & Vertical Ventilation

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thermal Imaging Camera training is designed to ensure students learn the ins and outs of this high-tech tool. The cameras features and functions are valuable in this piece of equipment, having basic knowledge and confidence will ensure better understanding of their unlimited applications.

Points of interest in TIC:
• Technology of TICs
• The NFPA Standard
• Fire Attack
• Finding the Fire
• Smells and Bells (low heat conditions)
• Search with TICs
• Shortcomings of TICs


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