Peaked Roof Or Flat Roof Cutting Simulator

The roof ventilation prop is a 10’ x 8’ section of roof that can be outfitted with any roofing materials you may come across. It can be left flat with plywood and a rolled membrane roof, or put into a peaked position with tar paper and shingles. The roof has 4 adjustable pitches: 0 degrees, 10 degrees, 25 degrees, and 45 degrees. The joists are also easily replaceable 2” x 8” lumber, although you should get multiple days using the same joists. Underneath part of the roof prop is a 4’x4’ section with additional roof joists. This area can be outfitted with sheetrock to either allow for ceiling pulling from the first floor or to practice “punching down the ceiling” after your ventilation hole is made. If you pull out the roof joists, this area can become a “FF through the floor” or “FF through a peaked roof” scenario to practice RIT skills.