About Our Classes

Flash Fire Industries offers custom classes based around Forcible Entry, Saw operations, Truck Company Operations, Bailout, Safety & Survival, RIT, and Confined Space. Based on past classes, and demand, we have also put together a number of ideas of classes below. However, EVERYTHING is customizable to meet your department's wants and needs. 

Basic Forcible Entry - Evening Drill 

Designed around a night of forcible entry. This is a 2-3 hour drill evening that accommodates up to 16 students. It consists of inward and outward forcible entry. Inward opening is held on the trailer using REAL doors, and outward forcible entry is held on our standalone forcible entry drill. Through the Lock or Metal cutting operations can be added. This would allow up to 24 students. 

Truck Company Operations - Evening drill

This is a great “back to basics” truck company operations night. This is a great drill for skills of all levels, and brings students back to the “basics” of truck company operations. It focuses on some of the most used “truckie” skills. Forcible entry and roof ventilation is performed on the trailer. This can accommodate up to 16 students. Outward FE, Through the Lock, or another skill can be added to bring the student number up to 24. 

THE Forcible Entry Class - 8 Hour

This is where it all started. We pull out all the stops with the trailer, our forcible entry door, all of our saw operation props, and our through-the-lock props. The class begins with a 2 hour powerpoint, and then heads out for four hands - on stations consisting of inward opening, outward opening, saw operations, and through-the-lock. If you are interested in this class, ask us for the full class description! All consumables and four instructors are included. Can accommodate 32 students.

The Ins and Outs of VES - Full Day or Multiple Evening Sessions

VES? Check. Can confidence? Check. Search? Check. Don't be fooled, this is not a "check the box" class. We cover how to VES, why to VES, and when to VES. You will leave this class with an understanding both of why VESis an important tactic, and how to implement it on the fireground. Can accommodate 24 students.
Vent Enter Search Class Flyer

Flashover And The Modern Fire Environment - Available in One Day or Two Evening Sessions

Flashover and the Modern Fire Environment. This isn't just about flashover and the modern fire curve. We delve into 7 statements that have controversy surrounding them. Are they true?Are they false?Take the class and find out. Best of all, we demonstrate nearly every one of them in a live fire environment.

Fact or Fiction? 1) Fires Burn Hotter Today 2) You will be able to recognize the signs of an impending flashover 3) We should not ventilate 4) Backdrafts are common 5) You can push fire 6) A flashover is not survivable 7) A TIC will warn you of impending flashover

After the classroom, students are rotated through live burns that demonstrate each and every aspect of the classroom under real conditions including: Fire Growth, Vent Limited Fires, rapidly expanding fires when oxygen is introduced, proper and improper horizontal and vertical ventilation, rollover, flashover, CAN use, and much more! Thermal Imaging cameras are encouraged to be used as well! Can accommodate 24 students.  Additional burns available for more than 24 students.
Flashover Class Flyer

Thermal Imaging Training

Have you ever had formal training with your camera? If not, this class is for you. Through class, practicals, and live burns, we show you the ins and outs of modern day TICs. Some of the topics that will be addressed: - Technology of TICs - The NFPA Standard - Smells and Bells (Low Heat Conditions) - Fire Attack - Finding the Fire - Search with the TIC - Shortcomings of TICs The classroom will be followed by practical evolutions involving both live fire and non-live fire.Exact make-up of the class will be determined by the number of students and number of TICs available. This is also an excellent opportunity to demo TICs for potential purchase.
Thermal Imaging Camera Class Flyer


ALL of our classes can be customized for your department. The above is only a very basic overview of some of the options we have.