An estimated 60% of fatalities have been deaths that occur during a rescue. Oftentimes, attempts to rescue without proper training causes accidents or being caught yourself. This training enforced how to respond to a crisis while recognizing the hazards of confined space. It also ensures the roles and responsibilities of team members while responding.

Our Mobile Training Trailer has two manholes provided for essential trainings under different circumstances. One is on the second floor and is approximately 36” in diameter. The second manhole is on the first floor, offset from the top and approximately 28” in diameter. If you want to start off even larger, the 4’x4’ hole under the roof prop can be used. The second floor manholes allow for a tripod or a Tower Ladder to be used as a high point. The first floor manhole is more of a challenge with an 8’ ceiling and a smaller opening. Rescuers can be lowered under the trailer into a realistic “confined space”