Online Simulation

Thanks to your support in the last 5 years of operation, talking to various departments, and continuing our advancement in the fire service, we are now happy to officer a variety of classes based around the Officer Level. We will be adding more detail on the content soon. For now, you can use the following to learn a little more about what we are offering through the Digital Combustion Firestudio6 program.

From our survey conducted over the winter regarding past officer training in departments:.

20% had never had formal officer training

Of the 20% that had training, only 50% of that was organized by their own department

92% of the respondents would like to attend officer training

Out of 11 topics that could be presented, the top two choices by respondents were “Tactics” and “First in / Size-up”

Give your firefighters and officers the training they are looking for!

So what are these “zoom” classes?

Zoom is an online video conference program. We use it in order to

Have everyone involved either via voice chat, video chat, or just observing if they wish

Be able to share our computer screen with everyone which has the simulations on it

Have a chat window (via typing) that allows attendees to send messages to JUST the host to ask questions or make comments that they may want everyone to see

What are we trying to accomplish?

Ironically, we had purchased the simulation program well before the COVID outbreak. The plan was to work on it this spring and summer and launch it into production in the fall/winter for classes. Through the idea and encouragement of two Chief’s in departments we work with, we launched it during this time on a ZOOM format. The idea, as with our Hands on classes was to bring realistic repetition training to departments based on the officer survey that we conducted over the winter.

So what can you do with this program?

We are using the Digital Combustion fire simulator product. We chose this program for a few reasons.

It is affordable for departments that want to get involved (more about that below).

While it is NOT the only program that does it, we can take pictures of real structures in our area and make simulations based off of those. Departments can send us pictures of structures in their area and we can make simulations off of those pictures. While you can use interior pictures as well, it is mostly designed as an exterior survey size-up decision making platform. That said, we have some cool ideas for interior as well (more focused on the communication aspect)

Customer Service with the company has been fantastic - that is always a major factor for me in anything I purchased (for personal or business).

It isn’t only fires. We can do active shooter, mass casualty, technical rescue, highway incidents, Hazmat, and much more!

Thus far, we have been doing 1-2 FREE open enrollment Size-up Tactics classes per week. These have a varied level of experience, staffing, and departments attending. We have also done 1-2 Private classes for individual departments. These are much more focused on the department’s individual buildings, response patterns, and tactics.

So how can I use it?

As with the trailer, we have a few different options.

You can bring us in for the “soup to nuts” class. Send us pictures and we will take them and make simulations out of them. We will give a dispatch, assign apparatus, and let your guys make decisions based on arrival, crew size, and all the other factors that go into on scene decision making. We can break this down to multiple “first 5 minute” scenarios where we just address the first due companies, or we can do “until the fire is knocked down” where we have the incident simulation progress until the main fire is knocked down. If this is done online via ZOOM, you will receive a recording of the class.

You can have us just present the simulations, but you run the class. If you want to run the class - it’s all yours! We can just make the simulations and run them for you. You won’t have to worry about which key to press or how to move to the next slide. But we won’t teach - you will do the instructing! If this is done online via ZOOM, you will receive a recording of the class.

You can buy the software and we will create the scenarios for you. The “Student edition” is about $200-$250 and then we can continually create the scenarios for you. We will then export them to you and you can use them whenever you want to! As you need them tweaked or new ones made, that’s what we are here for. All the true “training” falls on you. We just provide the simulations.

What else is coming down the pipeline?

We are working on a few different classes, both to go along with this software, and to compliment it. We look forward to working with you!

So is it working? Well, we are learning everyday. But take a look at some of the comments we have received:

“It was a good experience for me, listening and following other’s train of thoughts to gain a better understanding of fire behavior and appropriate tactics used.”

“Very well presented and very informative. Overall impressed and would highly recommend.”

“The zoom platform of the class created a great way for members to interact with the different scenarios.”

“Fantastic! Scene size up is very key and having custom fire and smoke conditions for each scenario gives us great practice and discussion.”

“The overall presentation was more than I could ask for. Each scenario was presented well and gave us an opportunity to test ourselves on fireground tactics given the scenario.”

“Overall one of the better classes.”

“Definitely one of the better ones I have attended.”